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Vegan golden goose sneakers are a type of shoe that does not use any animal products in its construction. This means that the shoes are made without leather, wool, silk, or any other material that comes from an animal. Vegan golden goose sneakers are typically made from synthetic materials, such as nylon or polyester. Some vegan golden goose sneakers may also be made from plant-based materials, such as cotton or hemp.

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P448 VEGAN line features BioVegan material which is made using more sustainable processes compared to natural leather. It is demonstrated that the BioVegan materials are more sustainable in the following categories: use of natural resources, impact on climate change and global warming. BioVegan is a cruelty free material derived from plant-based resources such as bio-polyols obtained from GMO free corn crops and polyester collected from plastic bottles. The vegan and bio-sourced materials reduce the use of non-renewable resources by approximately 20% in fossil fuels and 44% in energy consumption. It also converts the 60% of total waste into energy recovery. P448 is committed to the use of Italian craftsmanship combined with ecologically friendly materials and sustainable processes

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