The Best 10 Vegan Candles Available on Amazon

When you started clearing out the non-vegan products in your house, candles were probably the last thing on your mind. They’re just made from paraffin and artificial chemicals, right? How could a candle possibly be non-vegan? But in fact, a great deal of the candles on the market contain small amounts of stearic acid, which is a by-product of animal fat that comes right from the slaughterhouse. Some brands are also made from beeswax, which is usually more ethically sourced than stearic acid, but still not a vegan product. Where can you go to find affordable, high-quality candles that don’t contain any animal products?

Fortunately, Amazon sells a full spectrum of soy-based cruelty free candles that come in all your favorite scents. Buy a scented candles gift set for a friend, or buy a soy wax candle for yourself and enjoy the sweet, clean burning scent. These candles are affordable, decorative, and last just as long as their traditional non-vegan counterparts. And you can feel good knowing that you made an ethical choice for the environment. Ready to swap out your non-vegan candles with a set of fresh new products? Here’s our list of some of the best vegan candles Amazon.

1. Lulu Candles: Tobacco, Spice and Vanilla

Lulu Candles are the industry standard for safe, sustainable, clean burning vegan candles. These candles are made from premium soy and specially designed to be slow-burning, ensuring that they last as long as possible. Have you ever felt like you wasted money on a candle because it barely gave off a scent? This won’t happen with Lulu. The tobacco, spice and vanilla scent is so rich and vibrant, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time to a 20th century general store.

lulu soy candle

2. CoCo Benjamin: Basil, Lime and Mandarin

From harvest to packaging, every step of the CoCo Benjamin manufacturing process takes place in the United States. The wax is made from soybeans that were grown and harvested right in the U.S. Once the ingredients have been mixed, the candle is hand-poured by an expert Coco Benjamin craftsman. Most of their scents are inspired by nature: this scent in particular is light and fruity, with a hint of basil to keep it grounded. The candles come in amber glass jars with old-fashioned labels that add a vintage touch to your decor. Each candle is made from 100% soy–no animal products or petroleum.

coco benjamin highly scented soy candle in orange glass

3. Roxanna’s Candles: Peppermint and Eucalyptus

With a thick, sturdy black jar and a wick made from real wood, this rugged candle is ready for just about anything–a camping trip, a picnic, a night in a hotel. Every ingredient in this candle is made from 100% natural ingredients. The wick is natural wood, the wax is made from soy flakes, and the candle is scented with a mixture of essential oils. The wooden wick offers a clean, fresh-smelling burn without any smoke or chemicals. And the peppermint and eucalyptus scent is delightfully cheerful and fresh, making this one of the happiest vegan candles Amazon.

roxannas candles black wooden top

4. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day: Honeysuckle

You’re probably familiar with Mrs. Meyer’s line of vegan cleaning products. The company has also expanded into a line of cruelty-free candles, made from sustainable ingredients like soy and vegetable wax. When you light this candle, sit back and enjoy the sweet, relaxing scent of honeysuckle as it fills the air. This candle should burn for about thirty-five hours. And once it’s burned down to the base, the tall glass jar is specially made to be reused or recycled. Take it to the local recycling plant or decorate it and give it as a gift.

mrs meyers clean day scented soy candle

5. Sweet Water Decor Spa Day: Salt, Jasmine, Wood and Cream

With a sixty-hour burn time, you’ll be able to enjoy this delicate candle for days, weeks, or even months. This Sweet Water Decor candle comes in a dainty white jar that looks great on your makeup tray or bathroom vanity. Each candle is hand-poured and made from soy that was grown here in the United States. The flowery Jasmine scent is the perfect complement to the earthy wood and salt and the rich scent of cream. Light this candle in your bathroom and enjoy a spa day of your own.

sweet water decor vegan candle

6. Wax and Oils: White Ginger Tea

The adorable little jar and the dainty box it comes in make this candle the perfect gift for a friend or relative. When you light this candle, the refreshing scent of white ginger tea fills the room. The candle is made from 100% all-natural soy, and even the packaging is made from natural, sustainable ingredients. The soy in this candle is completely free from any kind of chemicals, additives, pesticides, or growth hormones. If you like this candle, consider buying one of their three-pack gift sets.

wax oils black amber plum

7. Chesapeake Bay: Cranberry Dalila

This candle features a unique frosted glass jar that allows the flame to cast a warm, comforting glow through the glass. Each candle is made from a blend of natural soy wax and potent essential oils. And with a soft pink jar and a carved wooden lid, this product is more than just a candle–it’s an attractive piece of decor for your bedroom, bathroom, or living room. This candle has a burn time of fifty hours, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet cranberry and dahlia scent for a long time to come.

chesapeake bay joy laughter candle

8. Sloth Conservation: Coffee

If you want to buy a vegan candle and help save the environment at the same time, 10% of the sales from this candle go to the Wildlife Conservation Network. This candle features a cute drawing of a sloth on the lid and some facts about the animal. Once it’s lit, this clean-burning candle fills your house with the rich, earthy scent of coffee. And once you’ve burned this candle down to the base, you can reuse the glass jar in your kitchen or give it away as a gift.

sloth conversation vegan candle coffee scent

9. Red Barn Candle Co.: Lavender

With a tall glass jar and a charming vintage label, this beautiful candle will be the centerpiece of your kitchen table or bathroom countertop. In addition to the lavender scent that was sourced from essential oils, this candle is also infused with real pieces of dried flowers from the candlemakers’ gardens. Lavender has long been praised for its health benefits and relaxation properties. Now you can enjoy the soothing scent of lavender in your own home, and know that you’re helping protect the environment while doing so.

red barn lavander candle

10. La JolĂ­e Muse: Blue Lotus

The graceful floral pattern on the squat little tin makes this candle a true work of art. If you have a spiritual or religious practice, this candle is a great companion to your morning meditation. The candle itself is made with pure soy wax, with a cotton wick and a scent made from natural fragrance oils. You can take this travel-ready candle just about anywhere: throw it in your suitcase before you go on a long trip, or tuck it in your purse and bring it to the office. Wherever you light this candle, the distinct scent of blue lotus will always remind you of home.

la jolie muse scented candles
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