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Best Vegan alternatives

Now that more and more people are switching to a (partially) Vegan diet, new alternatives to meat, dairy and eggs are brought to the market each day. Meat substitutes based on tofu, milk based made from nuts and even substances that can be used to replace eggs are available. Many of these Vegan products are offered in various places over the internet. But to find these alternatives easily, there is not one specific place to go. That is why we have introduced A community-driven platform that focuses on indexing all the Vegan alternatives available. Starting with food related topics, but also alternatives to clothing related topics will be found on the platform.

How it works

Together with the community we create topics for which Vegan alternatives can be found. We search the internet to index the best alternatives for each topic. The community then votes what they find the best Vegan alternative for the topic in question. When users subscribe to a topic, they are notified by email when new alternatives are added.

The biggest Vegan alternatives community

We often notice that people postpone the step to a better lifestyle because they think it will take them too much time. They want convenience and not spend time researching the possibilities. That is why we offer a platform with as much valuable information as possible in the field of a Vegan lifestyle. We do this in the form of blog posts and alternatives lists. With this we hope to make the step to a Vegan lifestyle easier for everyone!